Improve the quality of support calls and sales pitches using NLP and AI.

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Why Scuta?

Scuta is a script validation SaaS platform based in Natural Language Processing. Its built to automate script validation processes through voice recognition and automated comparison. All of it supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms for continuous learning.

Gaia Dashboard Preview

You can define the base script for Scuta to compare

Upload your recording and Scuta will automaticaly approve or reject based on defined script

Plug and Play implementation and easy to use interface

Gaia Dashboard Preview

Upload and manage all your recordings in one place

Key features

A machine that naturally understands what you say and transform into type. Making the validation process more simple, faster and automated.

A technology that enables a machine or system to learn like a human would. The A.I. accumulate knowledge with use, making Scuta an aways growing platform

How it works

It works with 4 simple steps:

Our Plans

A new generation of speech to text platform to validate your sales and support speeches.

Amounts in euros, monthly payments.


Tear 1

Up to 100 minutes

per month

add. minute €0,07

€ 9,90

Tear 2

Up to 500 minutes

per month

add. minute €0,07

€ 39,90

Tear 3

Up to 1.000 minutes

per month

add. minute €0,07

€ 69,90


On demand

On demand

On demand

On Request


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